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Nothing gives the outside of your home a fast and impressive face lift like a fresh coat of paint!

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A common misconception is that you can save some money by putting off exterior painting another year or two. All you end up doing is making the prep work harder and the job ultimately more expensive. Damaged paint or exposed patches of bare wall are an urgent sign that paint is needed ASAP, to protect your home.


Proper paint surface preparation is essential to every paint job. For proper preparation to take place, one must have a considerable understanding of the surface being painted as well as materials to be used. Also one has to be willing to take the time necessary to do the job right.


Whether you think your entire house needs painting, considering changing the color of your front door, or your deck is in need of a cleaning/sealing give us a call.


When you hire Full Spectrum Coatings for your home’s exterior maintenance we will properly remove any mold or mildew with a safe bleach solution. We will pressure wash any exterior areas necessary to remove oxidation on siding, in order to properly prepare the surface for coatings. We will remove and replace any failing caulk. If your home is new or has never been properly sealed, we will apply caulk in all recommended exterior seams.


We will properly protect all windows, shrubs, and any other exterior objects that are not to be coated. Every exterior job is unique so we work with you to determine your homes individual needs and apply only premium products according to manufactures specifications.


As we work to complete your homes transformation, we continually strive to keep a tidy work space. All materials are packed away in a predetermined area daily. Or goal is to never impede the use of your space. If we completed your job correctly, your property will show no signs of our visit




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