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Whether you need the complete interior of your home painted or to just freshen up walls in one room, if you want a great looking, long-lasting interior paint job, look no further!

Full Spectrum Coatings is a full service painting contractor that specializes in high quality finishes. Every job is unique so we work with you to determine your homes individual needs and apply only premium products to ensure a long-lasting finish.


DIY interior painting projects can be a pain, when you hire Full Spectrum Coatings we take the pain out of painting! We will take care of all the prep work, paint handling, and clean up. You only need to select colors and coordinate dates for the work.


Proper paint surface preparation is essential to every paint job. For proper preparation to take place, one must have a considerable understanding of the surface being painted as well as materials to be used. Also one has to be willing to take the time necessary to do the job right!


When you select Full Spectrum Coatings for your interior needs we carefully clean and prep all surfaces to be coated. We fill nail holes, small cracks, and can provide repairs to many other areas of your home. We will protect all your home furnishings and any other surfaces not to be coated. After all areas have been properly prepared your selected finishes will be applied. As we work to complete your homes transformation, we continually strive to keep a tidy work space. All work areas are cleaned daily and materials neatly placed in a designated area.


Full Spectrum Coatings has the skill set to tackle a vast range of projects. If you need your entire interior painted, the walls in one room, cabinets, doors freshened up, or just need one wall painted give us a call. We will discuss your individual needs and provide you with a no obligation quote.

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